Monday, December 8, 2008

English Christmas Crackers

I've always wanted to try these, so I made some for my Cadette Girl Scout troop for our last meeting before Christmas break. I found them not hard to make at all; following the directions here, I assembled and filled five in less than an hour. The only supplies I bought online were the cracker snaps, which were reasonably priced and arrived promptly. I got cheap shiny paper and curling ribbon from the Dollar Tree and recycled toliet paper rolls for the tubes. My Scouts got their Cadet Challenge pin and a patch for our holiday service project, along with a mini-Sharpie marker, a Bonne Belle Lip Smacker, a traditional bad joke (I found lots online, most clean enough to use!) and some candy. I have extra supplies and some candy and Dollar Store trinkets for them to make their own to give to family and friends. I don't know yet how well the things actually "crack" but they certainly look festive. I could imagine throwing a big dinner party and having one at every place setting. If the Scouts have as much fun making them as I did, it will be a good meeting.

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