Sunday, September 2, 2007

Paper mache pyramid

I'm adding a new non-food category to my blog: crafts! (Hey, they're mostly done in my kitchen!) I did these with a K to 5th grade Sunday School class today; we are starting a unit on Exodus. But, this would work well for one of those Egyptian school projects that always seems to pop up by about 4th grade or so.
  • Paper Plates
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Masking tape
  • Brown paper "bricks" (strips of brown paper bag or butcher paper, cut into small rectangles)
  • Paper Mache paste (I use 1 part flour to two parts water, with a couple of tablespoons of salt added)

Hot-glue together a frame for your pyramid on the plate. Plates cut down on the mess when working with small children.

Use masking tape to make some "support beams" cross each triangle face. Tape strips should be slightly closer together than the height of your "bricks."

Fold your first brick in half, dip in paste and shake off excess. Place over corners starting at bottom. Work your way up with additional "bricks", overlapping paper strips slightly.

Once edges are covered, fill in surfaces of pyramid using same paper mache technique, making horizontal rows of bricks. Finished product should be completely covered. Let dry.


Charissa VanRoekel said...

This is great! I am leading a woman's study in Exodus soon...and also leading my daughters thru' reading Exodus...we're in Chap 2 and I on a lark decided to do popsicle pyramids clue how to do it...searched and found your site! Thanks! We're still trying to figure exactly how to stick the popsicle sticks so they will hold. Are the base sticks at right angles to one another? I'm doing it over 2nd time now... :)

Charissa VanRoekel said...

Sorry, I meant are all four or just two of the base sticks laid flat at 90 degrees or standing up vertically at 90 deg? It looks like 2 are laid flat and two are vertical, like vertical to flat to vertical to flat...does that make sense my question?

Hard to tell fr photo

Charissa VanRoekel said...

ok it looks like top down first. So I'm now trying to stick the top four togeter first. Do you connect the top four with a wad of paper or masking tape and then hot glue gun it?
Thnkx :)

Doc Thelma said...

The best results came when my daughter did a square base, then built the top. She just propped the two opposite sticks up against each other and helf them until the glue set, then leaned the second two up against those.